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Love Cake With Vanilla, Choco Cream and Green Apple Filling Decorated with Baby Rose & Gysophilia.
28.000 KD
New York cheesecake
38.000 KD
Chocolate sponge with bubblegum cream With Natural Baby Roses & Gysophilia .
40.000 KD
No party is complete without a unicorn cake!
48.000 KD
Birthday Cake
34.000 KD
Cake Beautiful Girls
75.000 KD
Cake Occasions
60.000 KD
Cake Bird
45.000 KD
60.000 KD
Cake Messi
75.000 KD
Cake Beauty Products package for Girls
48.000 KD
BRAYCEN Cake Spider Man 4
39.000 KD
Red velvet sponge cake with glaze, decorated with fresh fruits and flowers served on a transparent acrylic tray with a flowers bouquet. ability to add a personal message.
45.000 KD
A cake covered in different shades.
42.000 KD
Red velvet cake with marble fondant, decorated with feathers. comes with a happy birthday stand.
42.000 KD
A devils chocolate patel pops cakes (12 pieces).
15.000 KD
Mini Cake Love
30.000 KD
Mini Cackes
25.000 KD
Red Velvet sponge with chocolate cream With real Carnations Flowers.
20.000 KD
Baby roses
23.000 KD