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A beautiful bouquet of Baby Rose and waxflower with chocolate.
51.000 KD
Golden Silver
50.000 KD
Two Side
58.000 KD
Sawa Tray
45.000 KD
Elegant Tray
66.000 KD
Get Well Mirror Tray
45.000 KD
Bow Cake
45.000 KD
Butterfly Cake
60.000 KD
Bouquet contains Tulips,Gosphilya and Chocolate.
49.000 KD
Bouquet Contains Roses and chocolate.
48.000 KD
This bouquet contains mixed flowers and chocolate.
60.000 KD
Chocolate sponge with bubblegum cream With Natural Baby Roses & Gysophilia .
40.000 KD
Hand Bouquet contains Roses.
44.000 KD
Bouquet contains Baby roses, Carnation, Bouvardia,Haypericum and Hyderangea.
49.000 KD
Bouquet contains Roses
49.000 KD
Roses and Baby Roses
42.000 KD
Bouquet contains Cymbidium, Roses. Baby Roses and Hyperecum .
49.000 KD
Bouquet contains Lilium.
46.000 KD
Tuilps & Hydrangea
48.000 KD
Mini Cackes
25.000 KD