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Bouquet contains Baby roses, Carnation, Bouvardia,Haypericum and Hyderangea.
49.000 KD
Red velvet sponge cake with glaze, decorated with fresh fruits and flowers served on a transparent acrylic tray with a flowers bouquet. ability to add a personal message.
45.000 KD
A cake covered in different shades.
42.000 KD
A devils chocolate patel pops cakes (12 pieces).
15.000 KD
Bouquet Contains Tulips .
46.000 KD
30.000 KD
Glowing Pink
20.000 KD
Tuilps & Hydrangea
48.000 KD
Mancera Roses Greedy For Unisex EDP 120 ml
35.000 KD
Hand Bouquet
37.000 KD 40.000 KD 8%
Bouquet contains Cymbidium and leukospermia
42.000 KD
Florist -16
30.000 KD
50.000 KD
Bouquet contains Wakls, Tulips, Hydrangea and Chocolate
35.000 KD
Bouquet contains Roses
20.000 KD
Bouquet contains Roses and Walks.
26.000 KD
Bouquet contains Roses
35.000 KD
Tri-colored rose posy is just as lovely to be gazed at as it is to be carried around
30.000 KD
Bouquet contains Cymbidium, Roses. and Walks
90.000 KD
59.000 KD